ENQA Leadership Development Programme 2023

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The ENQA Leadership Development Programme is designed to provide an intensive European peer-learning experience for high-potential professional staff in member and affiliate quality assurance agencies. It is a unique opportunity for QA agencies to offer their staff targeted training in an international environment.

The Programme was first launched in 2018 and following high participant satisfaction from three rounds of the programme so far, ENQA has launched a fourth edition, which is now open for registrations.

Aims and activities

The Leadership Development Programme aims to:

  • Expose participants to up-to-date information and reflection on key developments in the European Higher Education Area as well as to important international higher education trends, and the impact these have on QA and the work of agencies
  • Support participants in enhancing their understanding of leadership skills and competences in the specific context of QA agencies, including the complexities of stakeholder cooperation
  • Provide mid-level QA agency professional staff with an opportunity to exchange with colleagues in similar positions in other European countries, and to work together between seminars in project groups on a small-scale, focused project related to European quality assurance and quality enhancement
  • Enable participants to visit three European QA agencies and to learn from their leaders

Further details of the Programme’s activities and learning approach are available here.

Schedule and fee

The Programme consists of three two-day seminars and small-group projects:

  • Seminar I hosted by A3ES in Lisbon, 24-26 May 2023: “Trends and developments in higher education – the context for QA agencies”
  • Seminar II hosted by NOKUT in Oslo, 20-22 September 2023: “Organisational culture in higher education”
  • Seminar III hosted by VLUHR in Brussels, 15-17 November 2023: “Formal and informal leadership in QA agencies”

The fee to participate in the programme is € 1 750. The fee includes:

  • Participation in the three programme seminars
  • All presentations and programme materials
  • Main meals during the seminars
  • Mentoring by an ENQA Board member or a senior staff member of an ENQA member agency for the small group projects (May to November)

The sending agencies are also expected to take care of and cover the costs of travel and accommodation during the seminars.


To register to participate in the Programme, please fill in the application form.

Through the form you will be asked to upload:

  • A CV
  • A short (max. 1 page) letter of motivation, explaining your interest in the Programme
  • A letter from your line manage or CEO of your agency confirming their support for your participation

The deadline to register is 24 April 2023. Registrations will be approved on a rolling basis up to a maximum of 20 participants. There will be an initial limit of two participants per agency, with additional applicants added to a waiting list in case spaces are available.

Fee-waiver grant scheme

To apply for the fee-waiver scheme, the agency should send an email with supporting documents to the ENQA Director Anna Gover at anna.gover@enqa.eu by 17 April 2023. The waiver request should include:

  • A motivation letter from the agency explaining why it is not able to cover the participation fee of the staff member and why their would be particularly important for the agency.
  • A firm commitment from the agency to ensure participation of the staff member in all three seminars, as well as the small-group project, and a commitment to cover the additional costs related to travel and accommodation for the three seminars.
  • Name and short CV/bio of the staff member, so that eligibility for the programme can be verified.

The ENQA Board will consider the requests for fee waivers and inform the applicant agencies of their decision by 24 April 2023. The fee waivers are awarded at the discretion of the Board and are not appealable. The waivers are limited to one per applicant agency. The fee-waiver scheme is open to ENQA member agencies only.


ENQA Leadership Development Programme – Brochure
ENQA Leadership Development Programme – Draft programme

Contact and further information

For questions or further information, please contact Anaïs Gourdin.

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